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“I am grieving. I am just not happy … I should be better, I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do next. I am leaving home and stepping out into the world. I am retiring. I need a new job.”

Journals for Seekers are guidebooks to the inner you. Deliberately bite-sized and straightforward, these “skill-building” journals are meant to help you clarify your intent, create something new, and step away from grief and self-criticism towards serenity and curiosity.

Each journal integrates three fundamental aspects of human behavior — acting, thinking, and feeling; or, if you like, hands, head, and heart. They prompt you to take small, manageable steps, to reflect rationally upon your situation and its possible solutions, and to pay attention to your instincts, gut feelings, passion, and spirituality.

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  • Journals for Seekers Transforming Grief book cover

    Journals for Seekers

    Small Steps Toward Transforming Grief

    This journal can help you or a loved one work through the numbness, despair and disorganization of grief, using your head (thinking), your heart (feeling), and your hands (acting).
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  • Journals for Seekers Keep on the Sunny Side book cover

    Journals for Seekers

    Keep on the Sunny Side

    Find growth and healing by caring for your soul as you would care for a plant. This journal helps you clarify problems and take small, specific steps to solve them.
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  • Journals for Seekers Confidence and Curiosity book cover

    Journals for Seekers

    The Confidence and Curiosity Journal

    Sometimes we fall short because we lack confidence to use our skills, or curiosity to develop new ones. This journal uses a mix of discipline and play to find these qualities in yourself.
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  • Journals for Seekers Serenity and Courage book cover

    Journals for Seekers

    The Serenity and Courage Journal

    Whether you look to a higher power or your own strength, knowing the difference between what you can and cannot change is vital. These prompts offer a way to live the wisdom of the serenity prayer.
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I have always wondered what is going on in my head, my body, and my surroundings.

In response, I have undertaken a variety of exploratory and therapeutic adventures. One way or another, these experiences have all been educational. Some resulted in recognizable credentials — college degrees, jobs, publications, thank-you plaques, a bank account, one stable marriage — but most of them must be lumped into the broad category of life experience.

In my writing, I am looking to to convey what I’ve learned that’s useful and enduring: to leave a mark by passing on my life lessons, to share stories, to follow my curiosity and make new connections. And I am feeling courageous enough to presume that you may find this useful.

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Meet Disaster Dog, a hero/anti-hero of threatening (but not catastrophic) jam-ups.

Disaster Dog stories are whimsical but reassuring tales meant to assure a child that they can get out of trouble. Disaster Dog has a hard time in life. He’s very caring and very smart, but often has poor judgement. Everything Disaster Dog does always seems to turn into a disaster — but then turns out okay! (You’ll see.)

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With pencil in hand, words flow from inner self to waiting paper, bypassing the need to follow the rules of logic. May you be inspired to explore.

Let the pencil do the work.
Just watch the words appear.
No thought required.
The heart and mind do not write,
The self writes, total awareness.
Words just appear.
Be quick to catch them.

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